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The CRW Housing System was built for data management of Rental Units and buildings. The system enables the user to easily create and update applications, as well as create and maintain work orders. All transactions are stored in the integrated General Ledger and can be easily reviewed or exported to the external accounting systems.

Housing System Major Benefits


Handle applicants, screening and assign the housing units.

Creates rent invoices and records rent payments.


Work orders for labour and materials can be estimated and update with actuals and reported.

GPS mapping


Purchase orders can be created, received and invoiced.

Track and report expenditures in Expense or Capital accounts.

System Features
  • Housing units recorded and updated
  • Applicant wait list tracking
  • Assign applicants to available housing
  • Record, assign and complete Work Orders
  • Assign costs to expense or capital accounts
  • Send created Purchase Orders to contractors
  • Record expenses for completed Purchase Orders
  • Print batch rent invoices for all rented housing units
  • Record payment and deposits
  • Accounting transactions recorded to assigned accounts
  • Place unit icons onto a map using GPS mapping
  • Ability to print out e-sized images
  • GPS listing reports for health emergencies
  • Extended ‘mobile’ module to the CRW Housing System
  • Uses a tablet for loading homes and conducting home inspections
  • Data uploaded to the main Housing System database for reporting
Download pdf brochure Download Inspection Tablet Brochure

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