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The CRW Medical Transportation is a Health Center system of entering booking, transportation, travel, accommodation, and expenses. The system records Trips and Accommodations for the Medical Appointment or a series of related appointments in one Trip.

Medical Transportation System Major Benefits


Create and print Confirmation Slips, Travel Cheques, Vouchers, Itineraries, and Daily Transportation Schedules for medical van drivers.

Reporting electronically to FNIH as requested throughout the fiscal year.


The CRW Medical Transportation system efficiently records appointments and van travel.

Entering information is simple and accurate.


Financial information is stored in the integrated General Ledger and can be reviewed and exported to external accounting systems.

System Features
  • Find patients and escorts from a built-in list of community members
  • Find major clinics and doctors
  • New client and doctor data can be added easily
  • Entering appointment times, van used, travel distance, and destinations is simple and accurate
  • Records van trip usage and mileage required by F.N.I.H.
  • Daily van schedule showing pick up times and destinations produced for drivers
  • Newly purchased vans can be entered to the system
  • Create and print confirmation slips and itineraries for patients or escorts
  • Travel cheques and cheque requisitions for patient’s travel
  • Travel authorization form created with appointment, and travel request for F.N.I.H. approval
  • Patient appointment time, travel, distance, and destination reports
  • All required F.N.I.H. 21 Elements Report and Detailed Travel Analysis sent electronically as requested
  • Various non-F.N.I.H. reports can be accessed such as: confirmed and unconfirmed appointments; local or non-local appointment trips
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